Victoria International GmbH

About us

Victoria International GmbH was established at the beautiful Lake Ammersee in Southern Germany in 2011. It is an import and export company, which manages high quality products such as textiles, eco-friendly decorations and chemicals etc.


At the early time after its establishment, the company had experienced various kinds of hardships and strong competitions from its peers.  But, we overcame all the adversities with hard-working, good management and perseverance.  So, our company has survived and flourished!


Our mission is to win the market with quality products, to cooperate with buyers and manufacturers based on a win-win and mutual benefit concept, and to support the community.

In managing our business, laws and regulations are our principal.  Adhering to the good morals of honesty, credibility and excellence, we strive to satisfy all the partners involved,  such as buyers, suppliers and transporters etc.    This is our business philosophy!


We wish to cooperate with you!